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Mugs will be printed week of January 17th.
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Ring Cones - Author - Liked by Becky

blossom liked by becky pink product feature Ring cones

It is no secret that I LOVE pink!! 
So when Ashleigh from Pretty Little Company bought out her Ring Cones in white and blossom, I was a little bit happy.......and I took lots of photos ;)

It is also no secret that I love products that are both functional and PRETTY!

The Pretty Little Company ring cones are perfect for displaying your rings and keeping them safe. I have my ring cones in the kitchen beside the sink and also in my bedroom on my dresser.

Ashleigh hand-makes these and then paints them and there are lots of colour options!
What I particularly love about these it the fact that so many people wear rings! They would be a perfect gift choice for so many. Being that they come in so many colours, you can find a colour option for anyone!
The ring cones come in three sizes and looks best in a set of three :) 
Here are the approx sizes:
Large 7.5cm high, 4cm wide at base
Medium 6.5cm high, 3.7cm wide at base
Small 4.5cm high, 2.8cm wide at base
Here are the prices:
Large $15
Medium $12
Small Free (when you purchase one large and one medium ring cone)
You can find out more here:
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