Fabric + Licencing

I have a range of my designs available on Spoonflower - a made to order fabric company. This allows you to buy my designs on a wide range of fabrics (and wallpaper) from as little as a fat quarter (71 x 50cm) to as much fabric as you like!

You can also get a sample swatch to test out before you commit (20 x 20cm).

If you have seen any of my patterns that I have created that aren't yet on spoonflower that you would like to use. Or if you prefer the design in a different scale, please get in touch and I may be able to arrange fabric/wallpaper for you.

All designs on Spoonflower are available to licence. If you're interested in licencing my designs please get in touch - I'm always working on new designs that aren't on Spoonflower yet and am happy to talk about custom work too. 

Click the image below to shop my Spoonflower fabric designs.